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  • Geoffrey Bawa - Sri Lanka
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    Geoffrey Bawa was one of the most significant Asian architects of the 20th Century and certainly the most important architect of post-independence Ceylon. His unique brand of regional modernism influenced a whole generation of architects across S.E. Asia as well in his native Sri Lanka. Professor David Robson Some of the images in the following galleries will appear in the book, In Search of Bawa. Pub Date: September 2016
  • The New Sri Lankan House
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    The New Sri Lankan House charts the development of private houses in the 21st century in a variety of locations around the island. Most are the work of ‘home-grown’ architects, many of whom are indebted to the influence of the island’s most famous son, Geoffrey Bawa. Through the inclusion of plans, sections and elevations, full-colour photographs and interviews with owners and architects, the author traces the evolution of residence styles in both urban and rural areas. Of paramount importance are sustainability and suitability to site and climate, topics that Powell investigates in depth. Published March 2015
  • The Island From Above
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